Claudia De Grandi graduated BA Fine Art (Hons) with Distinction in Fine Art, University of Greenwich. She continued with a MA Theory and Practice in Transnational Art, University of the Arts London - Camberwell.

Claudia De Grandi paints pure emotions, the brushes are delicate and the colours deep.

Her ethereal abstract paintings suspend time and location, the paintings recall upon the viewer's memories and feelings.

Claudia De Grandi calls upon introspection and a place that no one else knows apart ourselves.

'My inspiration is about creating a poetic responses to places, cultures, landscapes, nature and 'things' that I perceive in the world around me. To translate a visual image, the viewer must enter that space not trying to describe what the scene is, but what it feels like.'

'How do you see it?'


Claudia De Grandi is to be congratulated on her achievement in the depth of her understanding of abstract painting and her transformation of radical abstract art into a contemporary mode of painting which returns it to reality. Her work is certainly poetic, certainly spiritual, certainly musical and deeply moving. But further to this it provides very important ways forward for such painting, beyond the deterioration of abstract painting into academic mannerism and into an authentic deeply emotional abstracted painting of great power.

(Stephen Newton 2022) Download full essay